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Cumbria Cursillo Weekend 37.


20th to 23rd April 2017

           The theme  Lay Rector Pat Conlan had chosen for our fourth weekend in the welcoming URC Centre in Windermere was “One body” and nine pilgrims joined a team of twelve to bind together as the days passed and find new unity through time together in prayerful fellowship. We were welcomed to the centre by hosts Daphne and Peter and  treated with gentle care and humour  all through the weekend.       

We must not be content with such a skeleton team in future. Please think now about joining Jenny Wright for Weekend 38 next year.  

          Pat Porter was music Gofor. She only encountered Cursillo at our previous weekend but was eager to be on team straight away. When we then learnt that she was a skilled keyboard player she was asked about leading the music and took it on splendidly. Support came from Jenny on flute and Michel Manley on guitar. Michael was second Spiritual Advisor with Susan McKendrey and both were movingly guided by the Spirit in their leading worship, their teaching; and their humour.

The weekend got its final and vital polish from Ann, Christine and Martha, the Fourth Day Team who arrived on Saturday to prepare a lovely banquetting hall. They were content to stay overnight in a boarding house away from the centre but joined the group for Sunday lunch.

          All our pilgrims responded thoughtfully and creatively and the artwork produced by St Cuthbert and St Herbert's tables was inspiring. Some of our ordained guests, overburdened as so many clergy are, had come along expecting the chance to rest and relax! They survived and still contributed richly to a spirit-filled time of shared faith, shared discovery and much love.

          Our heartfelt thanks go to the staff of the Windermere Centre who looked after us so very caringly. Since our weekend it has been announced that the centre is to close on May 24th 2017.


#37 Pilgrims with the clergy.

Ultrya GB 2017

Only a small contingent from Cumbria attended the 2017 National Ultreya in Southwell near Nottingham, but many contacts were               renewed and friendships deepened.  Our banner was held high by Tim Barker and Pat Conlan on the march of witness from Southwell       Minster School to the imposing minster itself, then for about half an hour in the minster grounds while a wedding party dispersed. A           number of guests, bridesmaids etc were treated to applause and good wishes from hundreds of Cursillistas lining their route to the              gate. The Eucharist was celebrated in style with a powerful address from Bishop Paul Williams.   

Southwell was not a place familiar to most of us but well worth a visit if you find yourself in the Nottingham area.

Lay Director and Spiritual Director

In 2018 Tim Barker and Michael Manley will have completed their time as Lay and Spiritual Director of Cumbria Cursillo and their                 places will be taken by Richard Stewart and Eleanor Hancock.

Please hold all of them in prayer and also Carlisle Diocesan Cursillo as we move forward in unison with brothers and sisters of many           denominations to open the way to God for All.

Changes and Plans

With the closure of URC Windermere Centre where we held our last four weekends, we have been trying to find another suitable venue.

The good news (welcomed by many long-serving Cumbrian Cursillistas) is that we will be returning to Rydal Hall. They have no three-day weekend available for 2018 but Cumbria 38 will take place May 2nd to 5th 2019.

In 2018 we have booked two nights at Rydal from Friday afternoon September 7th to Sunday morning 9th for existing Cursillistas to come together for a time of renewed fellowship and regeneration. The programme isn’t yet decided but everyone is invited to stay for the whole time or just visit on the Saturday. Not a traditional Weekend, not an Ultreya but, God willing, all the elements that make the Cursillo experience so special.

To the glory of God!