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 CD: Ultreya 3 'In Christ Alone' United in Worship

Following the success of Ultreya 1 and Ultreya 2 comes Ultreya 3, 'In Christ Alone'. A CD that truly captures the spirit of Cursillo, it encapsulates the songs at the heart of worship with 24 tracks of songs, readings and a blessing from the Bishop of Carlisle.

Recorded live in St. Michael's Church, Carlisle in May, under the baton of Michael Hancock and Judith Simpson the songs come alive, and as voices and instruments joined together amazing worship filled the church.

Featuring 24 tracks:
  'See, What a Morning';
  'Thine be the Glory';
  4-part 'Gloria';
  'Longing for Light';
  Psalm 42;
  'Part the Waters';
  'Your Mercy Flows';
  'Wonderful Grace';
  'King of Kings, Majesty';
  'O Let the Son of God Enfold You';
  'Great is thy Faithfulness';
  'You Raise me up';
  'Lord make me a Mountain';
  'Seek ye First';
  Isaiah 6: 1-8;
  'I, the Lord of Sea and Sky';
  'I stand amazed in the Presence';
  'Love Divine';
  'Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord';
  'There is a Higher Throne';
  'In Christ Alone';
  Bishop's blessing;
  'Colours of Day'.

The CD, launched on the 31st August 2012 in a service of thanksgiving, captures the tremendous spirit and unity of worship that happens when Christians come together. This CD is a 'must have'.

Trish Barker

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