What former pilgrims have said about Cursillo.


“Cursillo has helped me grow in faith and confidence.”


“What has Cursillo done for me? I now do what I never dreamt I could or would.”


“Cursillo has been an anchor and reaffirmation of Christian faith which has encouraged and supported me in my calling towards ordained ministry.”


“Cursillo changed my life at nearly seventy years of age.”

What Bishop James said

I am delighted to give my wholehearted support to Cursillo in Cumbria.

It has already introduced hundreds of people to the love of God, and has proved to be an effective means of encouraging and developing lay ministry.

Cursillo changes lives and I recommend it very warmly indeed.


Rowan Williams - Previous Archbishop of Canterbury:

Cursillo has been very powerfully used by God in the renewal of Christians and Christian communities of all styles and backgrounds. I am deeply grateful for all that has been done through its work.


John Sentamu - Archbishop of York:

Cursillo is about making disciples; it transforms people’s lives and empowers them for service. Cursillo is active in most Dioceses of this Province, for which I praise God.


Rt Revd Idris Jones - Previous Spiritual Director of the British Anglican Cursillo Council:

My own experience of Cursillo has been that it deepened my discipleship and strengthened my faith. As one of the many aids to renewal I commend Cursillo to the whole church.

"For we cannot stop speaking of what we ourselves have seen and heard." (Acts 4:20)